Sanlam Debt Consolidation Loans

Sanlam Consolidation Loans offers finance for all needs related to business consolidation. Loans are made available by the leading financial institutions in South Africa. Loans are able to solve financial needs such as the purchase of assets, growth of business, wedding and home improvements. Cash flow from business is expected to improve and repayment terms can be varied depending upon individual circumstances.

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Loans for all purpose can be obtained under the name of consolidation. Consolidation Loans are meant to pay off all debts that are owed by the business. Loan amounts between R4000 and R150000 are accessible from Sanlam Personal Loans. Customers are entitled to a flexible repayment term of up to five years.

Debt consolidation is a relatively new concept in South Africa, which was earlier offered only to large corporations. The demand for this type of finance had increased with the advent of the global economic crisis. A majority of businesses have been adversely hit and continue to be doing badly. The need for debt consolidation has therefore become necessary.

Consolidation loans are designed for businesses with an outstanding amount of credit card debts. The high interest rates on most cards combined with the inability of most individuals to pay their bills at the end of the month have created a situation where people cannot pay their debts. Debt consolidation provides a feasible solution for meeting these obligations.

Interest rates on consolidation loans vary between lenders. They also differ based on the term of the agreement. Fixed interest rates are normally preferred over variable. This is because it guarantees a stable rate through the duration of the loan.

Consolidation is not a loan and therefore, there is no need to provide security for the loan amount. It also does not necessitate any type of collateral. The lender has to prove that there is a possibility of a return of the consolidation amount. In other words, he has to show that there is a chance of an increase in the income level and repayment of the consolidated amount.

Sanlam debt management has developed a comprehensive approach to consolidate all types of debts into one affordable and manageable loan. The process is not cumbersome and can be accomplished within a few hours. These loans are also available with a variety of terms including monthly, half year, three and five-year terms.

There are many institutions from which to choose. Most financial institutions offer Sanlam debt consolidation loans but it is advisable to compare the different offers on the market. It is possible to apply online for these loans. It is also possible to place a request for an online quote.

Sanlam debt consolidation loans can be used to pay off any credit card or store card debt and can also be used for consolidating any student loans. Consolidation allows multiple payments to be made in one single date. The repayment term of these loans is usually thirty years. Interest rates are normally fixed at a low rate. There is also a choice of repayment frequency. The amount that can be borrowed through a consolidation loan is largely determined by the applicant’s current earnings.

These loans are generally offered without any questions asked regarding the source of funds. All information regarding the interest rate, repayment options and the amount of interest will be provided in the application form. The duration of the loan is also specified in the form. Consolidated loans have a maximum limit of $2500 dollars.

Consolidation loans are available to applicants having bad credit. However, before an applicant is accepted for a Sanlam debt consolidation loan, the lender will usually check up on his or her credit history. A bad credit history may negatively affect the ability of an applicant to get an affordable loan amount. Hence, it is important for people with bad credit to ensure that their repayment history is not tarnished.

Applicants wishing to avail of Sanlam debt consolidation loans should ensure that they submit all relevant documents to the lender. They can even submit documents pertaining to previous debts. The documents should clearly state the cause for failure to repay the consolidated amount. This would help the lender to assess whether the applicant is capable of repaying the consolidated amount or not.